In the era of rapid technological advancement, the need for digital readiness and resilience has
become more critical than ever. The Skills-Up project will address this urgency by fostering digital
transformation through the development of digital skills, resilience, and capacity. Intrigued about our
approach? Read on to discover the three key pillars of our project and the collaborative efforts that
will make it a reality.

Three main topics of the project:

  • Digital Skills and Competencies: Bridging the digital divide, our project seeks to empower adults with essential digital skills and competencies necessary for thriving in the modern world.
  • Employability: We understand the importance of aligning skills with employment needs. Skills-Up will equip individuals with the knowledge and capabilities demanded by the evolving job market.

  • Open and distant learning: Leveraging technology, we will provide flexible and accessible learning opportunities, breaking down geographical barriers, and making education available to all.

To address the main topics, we will create and accomplish the following:

1. Create Skills-up Training Toolbox:

Goals is to engage 100 adults and 20 trainers in Skills-training. We aim to extend teacher’s competences and minimizing the digital gender gap for adult women. We hope to witness changes in language and digital literacy and observe improved community behavior and capacity.

2. Online Train the Trainers:

Plan is to train 20 teachers in two rounds. Program will be developed by highly motivated teachers who wish to improve their competences. After training they will be capable of applying the knowledge and skills acquired to adult learners.

3. Develop You-Yes Platform

Platform will be transdisciplinary framework for language and digital competences. Which purpose is to have a training space for wide community of adults exploring new digital and methodological tools and also a place for improving linguistic competences.

4. Organize Dissemination Events

By organizing online events we will have a wider reach and cross-country interaction. Our goal is to connect with learners, trainers, stakeholders, professionals, and public bodies that deal with education and employment. That’s why we will conduct 4 online events in 4 countries with 150 participants each, create 10 partnership networks, and conduct 40 interviews with project participants.

We aim to leave a lasting impact on individuals, communities and adult education. Follow us on Linkedin, Facebook and our website.