• Addressing digital transformation through the development of digital readiness, resilience and capacity

  • Improving the ability of high-quality learning opportunities for adults

  • Developing forward-looking learning centers


  • Contribute to the Goals set by the European Commission for 70% of adults to have sufficient digital and language competencies

  • Increase the digital and linguistic skills of adults through innovative and easy-to-use tools

  • To design a methodological framework by the project partners with the description of training modules developed in the two areas

  • To create support for adult educators with an attractive, practical, and innovative methodology

target Groups

  • Unemployed an/or with low qualification

  • Teachers, consultants and employment counselors working with unemployed and/or low-skilled people

  • Public employment services

  • Human resources staff
  • Working adults in employment who lack or have insufficient digital and linguistic competencies

  • Adult education institutions

  • Public and private bodies in charge of employment strategies

  • Public and private bodies responsible for skills education strategies

  • Professional and employer’s associations